Roll x 12 exposures, Recharge: 12min 31sec

Development process: 12hours 31min,

process begins after the roll is fully exposed.

Brought to you by Screw-bar Inc.

Gudak x A.C.E CHAN

Channie Film

CHAN의 순수한 감성을 담아 탄생한 Channie film

찬이의 일상을 엿볼 수 있는 스킨 디자인, 

찬이의 목소리가 담긴  사운드,

찬이가 직접 제작한 필터가 만난 앱이 드디어 출시!

Take a picture of your daily life with a special

camera skinthat contains Chan's sensibility.

Also, Chan's voice was added to make the filming

more enjoyable. Take a picture with a new filter

with Gudak Cam and Chan's pure emotion.

Please add your sensibility onto the Channie film!

CHAN's B-cut Image

세상에 공개되지 않은 깜짝놀랄 찬이의 

​비하인드 컷을 소장해보세요!

오직! '차니필름'에서만 얻을 수 있는

사진이 매일 깜짝 선물로 ​제공됩니다~

Develop 'B-cut' images of Chan 

that haven't been released yet!

Photographs that can only be obtained from 'Channie Film' are 

provided every day.

App Preview

찬이의 일상으로 가득 찬 차니필름을 만나보세요!

찬이의 일상이 궁금하다면 어서 구입하러 

go~ go~!

Channie film finally came out as a camera app!

Be with Channie film everyday!


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